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Horse Artwork Available For Sale

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Wildlife Artwork Available For Sale

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Nature Art & Landscapes



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Past Works



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Website Design Work

Over the years I have created many websites for artists and small businesses. I know you have a busy schedule and would rather be painting. I can take care of everything for you. Whether it's building a website from scratch or helping with maintenance on your existing site. Free up time for you to do the work that you do best!

For maintenance, we can work out a schedule that best suits your needs. There's no minimum charge. I only charge for the actual time spent working on your site for you and keep a running tab. So whether you only have a few new things to add each year, or something new every week, the cost will be according to how much you actually need me to do.

Below are examples of websites I have created or maintain. Drop me a line if you'd like to get my help with getting your online presence set up.

Businesses / Entities:


Communities / Clubs:



Born and raised in the Saskatchewan prairies, artist Sheri Gordon brings into her art a lifelong passion for horses and nature. She seeks to capture the dreamy reality of her subjects, working in a variety of mediums including soft pastel, acrylic and oil paint.

Sheri has exhibited in various shows both locally & internationally and has won several awards. She has been asked to judge several shows over the years, and has mentored artists both locally and abroad.

Specializing as an artist creating 'equestrian art for the dreamer', Sheri hopes to find that special place in our souls where the horse will always be...magic.